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International freehand tattooist, Big Mick, has settled and opened up shop in in the coastal village of Gordon's Bay, South Africa.

Big Mick DOES NOT use stencils in his art. All artwork is original and customized. Satisfaction guaranteed!! No duplicates will ever be found!!

We are open from 09am till 5pm Tuesday till Saturday. After hour bookings can be arranged on request.

So, come on now, visit our cozy studio where you will be warmly welcomed.


ID's are required!

*  Prices start at R400
   - R700 per hour
*  Full day bookings:
   (R5000 time 09h00 - 17:00)
*  Tuesday-Saturdays 09:00-17:00
*  Monday full day bookings Only
*  Sunday full day bookings Only

Our Inspirations

Here are links to our inspirations. Feel free to draw ideas and ask us to assist.



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